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All That Glitters

Put out the torches! Hide the moon! Hide the Stars!

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Velvet Goldmine
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The Todd Haynes Glam Rock, Aural, Sexual, Extravaganza

Welcome to All That Glitters! Click HERE to Join and start posting!

velvet_goldmine is run by rougevelvet
and was originally created by countessolivia & fosfomifira.

Join. Speak your mind, tell us your favourite moments in the movie, write some slash fiction, post pics, wallpapers... Go nuts!

As this community has over 1,000 members there are some rules, guidelines and useful posts in place to help the smooth running of our discussions.

  • IMPORTANT: Video/MP3 etc Upload/Download Guidelines.

  • Please do NOT Hotlink. Upload to a photo host of your own such as photobucket.

  • If you're posting large pics/wallpaper, more than four icons, use an LJ Cut.

  • Do NOT post links to locked entries or communities. It makes your post irrelevant to most of the community.

  • If a quiz/meme is posted, don't start a new post for your results, use the comments/replies.

  • If you forget to do this when posting, it's okay, but upon being asked to fix it in a reasonable amount of time, your post may be deleted (in cases of flist warping from big pics).

  • NO Soliciting of unrelated sites, communities or events!

  • Useful Information such as VG photo sites, screencaps, special features, script info can be found in the community memories and will be constantly updated.

Sites owned by rougevelvet

Only site with the Velvet Goldmine Script, includes sounds,
extensive picture gallery, (slash) fan fiction & more

hot_one_icons- post Velvet Goldmine icons/requests
pointed_epigram- Velvet Goldmine Fan Fiction

Sites owned by other Velvey fans

Velvet Goldmine @ IMDb.com
The Unofficial Brian Slade Site
Velvet Goldmine Glitter Page
The Velvet Goldmine
Mangle Your Mind
Sebastian Equinox VG Compendium
Velvet Goldmine Tribute Page
Todd Hayne's Black Couch


Group Sex Is Orgasmic L♥VE


I'm BRIsexual

Active moderator and user info by rougevelvet (contact rougevelvet)
Layout by parisiandemands
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