Rebecca (wild_huntress) wrote in velvet_goldmine,

Fanfiction: Days in Summer, part 2/? [Curt/Arthur, PG-13/R for this part]

Title: Days in Summer
Pairing: Curt/Arthur
Part: 2/? (probably 2/4)
Words: ~2600
Rating: PG-13/R
Warnings: Blink-and-you’ll-miss-them mentions of past drug use, a few curse words and implied sex.
Disclaimer: Velvet Goldmine and all associated characters and trademarks are the intellectual property of Todd Haynes and Miramax. This is a work of non-commercial fan fiction commentary on the film; no ownership is being claimed and no profit is being made.
Author’s notes: Part one is posted here, if you missed it and are interested. This is a honeymoon-type interlude that follows soon after the first part. Also, the last couple lines of this part are an Oscar Wilde paraphrase. Finally, this has not been beta read, but any feedback/concrit/appreciation always absolutely makes my day.

("Maybe Curt has been alone for too long...")

This is probably a bad weekend to post; however, happy US Thanksgiving to anybody in the States.
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