Rebecca (wild_huntress) wrote in velvet_goldmine,

Fanfiction: Days in Summer, parts 4 and 5 on 5

Title: Days in Summer
Pairing: Curt/Arthur
Part: 4/5
Words: ~ 3200
Rating: R (mentions of drug use, sex)
Warning(s): Very brief mentions of past drug abuse. Some angst as well, if that counts.
Author’s note(s): I am re-posting this part because I don’t think anyone saw it (I probably posted too close to the holidays); however, this is kind of the crux of the story.

(Part Four)

Part: 5/5
Words: ~3200
Rating: PG13 (language)
Warning(s): None for this part
Author’s notes: First, this follows immediately after the end of part four. Second, the title, which is dropped into the last line, is a reference to a line in The Picture of Dorian Gray; the lyric “I miss you – you’re beautiful” comes from David Bowie’s song Five Years. Third, I felt iffy about the epilogue but included it anyway for the sake of clarity; I guess you can think of it as "optional".

(Part Five)
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