Rebecca (wild_huntress) wrote in velvet_goldmine,

Fanfiction: Give and Take [Curt/Arthur, rated R]

So, I had never written for this movie before, but rewatching it three times in the last month has spawned about twenty plot bunnies which I am trying to get out of my system. The recent flicker of activity here, particularly projectblu's encouraging new discussion and fic has also been inspiring. Without further ado...

Title: Give and Take
Pairing: Curt Wild/Arthur Stuart
Words: ~1400
Rating: R for mentions of past drug abuse, sexual content and language
Warnings: As noted above, mentions of past drug abuse.
Disclaimer: Velvet Goldmine and all associated characters, plots and trademarks are the intellectual property of Todd Haynes and Miramax. This is a work of non-commercial fan fiction commentary on the film; no ownership is being claimed and no profit is being made or sought.
Author’s notes: Not beta read, but feedback is much appreciated. Set a few months post movie, established Curt/Arthur relationship (well, getting established). I have a lot of ideas for this pairing now and although this piece makes sense alone, I may eventually co-opt it into a larger narrative. Finally, in keeping with the liberal use of Oscar Wilde quotes in this movie, the quote about regretting the loss of one’s worst habits is a paraphrase from The Picture of Dorian Gray.

("Curt knows that just a few years ago, he would have destroyed someone like Arthur in about two months.")
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