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Wow, I feel sad seeing this community look so quiet - perhaps we can liven it up a bit? I know I recently pulled out Velvet Goldmine after 6 or so years of not having seen it (don't ask me how), and am now more obsessed with it than ever.

A couple points:
1) I am identifying with Arthur more than ever, and have actually used that quote about "money, future and a serious life" making me forget certain things in, like, real conversations. Am also wondering if anyone else thinks things are going to go rather better for Arthur as of the end of this movie? I certainly like to think so. I read an interview in which Todd Haynes said this is a movie about the flash in the pan glam rock movement that, ultimately, went nowhere and changed/did nothing (paraphrasing the interview - but this was his take more than mine), and yet I feel that the film ends on a hopeful note. The way Arthur says that last line about "a freedom you can allow yourself - or not" seems like he's learned... something. Plus, Curt has given him the Oscar Wilde pin, which has - at least more or less - 'mapped' onto queer triumph/ self-confidence/ pride, or something. I feel like the ending is a hopeful one and leaves open the possibility of progress - agree? Disagree? (Not to mention the spectacular choice of song in 2HB - but then again the whole soundtrack is spectacular and perfectly appropriate...)

2) OMG, the quotes. Seriously, I can't be the only one who finds quotes from this movie making their way into her everyday conversations, can I? Not even the Oscar Wilde ones, just there are so many Velvet Goldmine phrases and quotes that have made their way into my regular vocabulary - like "beaming like someone's mum," the "we set out to change the world" exchange (which I've worked into business settings, too, natch) and of course the "money, future and a serious life" thing that I mentioned before. I've even been tempted to start off letters with "Dear Sir or Madam or whomever else may be in the house this evening" (I didn't want to offend anybody with heteronormative categories) - please tell me I'm not the only one who does this with this or other movies, lol? ;)
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